About digitaldebris

What is digitaldebris?


  1. An experiment, an explosion in slow motion, with the auditory fragments infinitely recombining;
  2. Pushing the boat further from the shore, away from the comforts of home to new ground;
  3. A lifeboat of contradictions: pretension vs prosaic, meme vs mudane, art vs audio, speech vs sound;
  4. the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shore of an increasingly electronic auditory world.


digitaldebris is a new eclectic experimental and music & art podcast run by Tim in London of Radio Clash fame (?).

This podcast specialises in the flotsam and jetsam of the digital and pre-digital worlds, the tracks that have fallen out of mechanical copyright, the orphan audio and charity shop/thriftstore finds, outsider art and podsafe music. And intermixed is various finds from the Internet and elsewhere – YouTube, the internet, performance, spoken word records, radio and TV, stories and poetry.

The aim is to create a thematic mix of all these sources into one program that spans a hundred years of recorded sound; emphasises audio art, insider art, music and sound; and is in itself an experiment against the predominant ‘radio’ format.

digital debris music podcast: flotsam and jetsam of the digital world